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Product Solutions

Life Insurance & Estate Planning

Life Insurance & Estate Planning

Through our association with Insurance Designers of America, we support the sale of every type of life insurance. From term to VUL, and everything in between, we provide the most informed, suitable product recommendations based on our intimate knowledge of product construction and client applicability.

When responsibly sold, life insurance is not a commodity, and price should not be the only decision point. Wherever possible, we want you and your clients to understand the important differentiators between carriers and products and how they might affect the policy owner in the future. We know important and valuable details about products that you can’t find elsewhere.

We are experts in the estate planning, retirement income, and corporate benefits markets. We have proprietary sales materials that will help you make the sale and are happy to consult with you or your client’s advisors to find the best solutions.

We are a national wholesaler for variable life products. We can work with almost any
broker/dealer, and our assistance does not affect your compensation.

Ask us the tough questions, we have the answers.