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Underwriting & Design Skills


Our experienced team will make all aspects of the underwriting process easier and quicker, with results your clients will thank you for. From gathering the necessary medical records to discussing medical histories with physicians, we cover every angle prior to submission.

Qualifying client files are reviewed by our in-house underwriter to evaluate rate status and product suitability. Our mastery of both medical and financial underwriting means we will always have a positive influence on the final offer. We are remarkably accurate. We don’t waste time canvassing carriers for unrealistic offers; we focus specifically on the carriers we know can provide both a competitive product and the medical decision you want.


Our design team is the best in the business. We have intimate product knowledge and experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our capabilities go far beyond anything you will find from an insurance carrier or typical wholesaler. Whether your sale involves complicated estate planning, retirement income, employee benefits, or any other sales concept, we have a design template that can be customized to your sales style. And our team members are happy to assist with client or advisor calls.

Our in-depth product knowledge is the result of four decades of research and experience with thousands of clients and products. In a regulatory environment that is moving closer to a fiduciary standard, we provide top notch recommendations that are suitable for your clients, based on their overall financial status and risk tolerance, that you can rely on.

Preliminary Application

Preliminary Application

Our preliminary process provides accurate and suitable direction for those difficult underwriting situations and/or large-/jumbo-cases. Our HIPAA compliant application form is required for all cases so that we are able to seamlessly advocate for the best possible offer for clients. Additionally, we can usually detect potential underwriting issues prior to formal underwriting based on the information provided.