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The partners and staff of CPI Companies are uniquely committed to the success of the products we sell. We are client advocates, always looking for ways to improve, open-minded to ideas, actively listening to your needs, and infused with creativity. We are the best back office in the life insurance business.

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We have honed the skills necessary for success in an ever changing and increasingly competitive marketplace. We know that...

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The most experienced and proactive underwriting team in the business. Routinely delivering offers above and beyond expectations.

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CPI Companies is your complete back office. We can assist you with every step of the process and free up your time to do so much more.

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Our design department is second to none. We do it all: Industry leading product knowledge, custom presentations, and suitable...

Steps to Help Clients Retire More Securely

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As clients prepare for retirement, Prudential shows them what to include in their planning and helps them determine how much they will need.  Check out the Steps in this flyer.
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Investing in a Highly Politicized Climate

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Tune out political noise and focus on the fundamentals—the real driver of investment returns. Investors have a lot on their minds these days, including the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and the slow recovery from the ensuing recession. In this age of information abundance, how should investors read and use the news for their benefit. Click here […]
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AIG Shows How to Turn Assets into Income

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Helping consumers make informed decisions about retirement income and create a personalized income strategy. Read the income savvy brochure to learn more.
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Legal & General America is Here When Customers Need Us Most

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For over 70 years, Legal & General America has been protecting American families and businesses. We deliver outstanding service, great pricing and work hard to make the life insurance process better for consumers.
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This new white paper, from Nationwide, reviews how Charitable giving offers the possibility of reducing the retiring farmer’s overall tax burden by taxing income over several years:  The farmer at retirement: The ordinary income dilemma and a charitable alternative.
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Helping Consumers Learn More about Living Benefits

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Columbus Life’s accelerated death benefit rider can give your consumers the power to access a portion of their life insurance policy’s death benefit while they are still living. Watch this video!
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People preparing for retirement need strategies that address both taxation and supplemental income. Life insurance offers protection and can help them accumulate and keep more of their money. A new flyer, from Prudential, explains how diversifying their retirement strategies by adding cash value life insurance can help make a difference in the amount of income […]
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“I’ve Never Heard of Allianz”

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We have, occasionally, heard this from consumers.  Now they can learn more about us by watching this short video that talks about the financial strength, integrity, and mission of Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz). › Watch now
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As a complement to traditional retirement plans, cash-value life insurance offers protection that extends beyond a client’s family to include protecting assets from taxes. The “Tax Advantages of Life Insurance” flyer provides more details. Get the flyer.
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AIG’s NEW interactive consumer tool, Life with Confidence, can help simplify the conversation. Consumers can use it to better understand IUL in an easy-to-follow and engaging format, so they can learn at their own pace.
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A settlement has been reached in the years-long law suit over increases in non-guaranteed costs of insurance for universal life policy owners.

On October 4th Transamerica announced a $195 million settlement for increases announced in 2015 and 2016 that affects over 100,000 policy owners.

Ron Sussman, CEO of CPI Companies was an expert witness in the case and an advocate for policy owner rights.

Policy owners will receive payments credited to their cash value and a 5 year moratorium on any future rate increases.

More information to follow.

Happy to share my first article in INN Magazine


To Learn More:

Still think that term policy your client doesn’t need anymore is worthless? THINK AGAIN! We recently worked with a 75-year old client who owned a $1.5M term policy. The policy was approaching the end of the guarantee period, the client did not want to pay to convert, and planned to let the policy lapse. We explored a life settlement option and the client was able to sell the policy for $232,000, instead of letting it lapse and walking away with nothing.

Agent's need to educate their client's about these opportunities, as too many are missed. Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

Read CEO, Ron Sussman's latest article published on website:

Congresses change from C-CPI to CPI-U for indexing inflation could lead to a reduction in the daily per diem limits for your client's LTC or Chronic Illness Rider. Help your client's plan accordingly for the unexpected reduction and make sure they understand the impact it will have whether they own an indemnity or reimbursement style rider. Click the image below for more info


Beginning late January 2018 John Hancock will notify LTC policyholders (including those from the block acquired from Fortis) that their premiums are increasing. The effective date will begin with policies with anniversaries on or after May 1, 2018.

Implementation is state specific and continues increases that, for some policy holders, began in 2012.

Please contact our office for more details.

For policy holders that are healthy, consider switching to newer linked benefit products with premium guarantees such as the Secure Lifetime GUL from American General.

Recently two carriers, North American and Protective Life, Announced decreased cap rates for their newly issued and in-force blocks of IUL products. This repricing of options reduces the index cap rate, and the maximum illustrated rate for index segments that are initiated or renew in 2018.

Indexed Universal Life cap and participation rates are determined by the carrier's options budget and the cost of options as determined by the options provider. These rates can be counterintuitive in a rising equities market where interest rates continue to moderate to the low side or fall.

We may be seeing the tip of the iceberg. Protective and North American are two conservative companies that tend to t...

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If you've ever asked your investment advisor for data on mutual funds or ETF's you know that there is a plethora of information available from a large number of sources. The source of the original purchase is irrelevant because the data is required by SEC and FINRA and is available through a simple internet search.

You can research any fund, manager, or investment company and easily find the performance and cost structure. This makes investing easy and accessible for any purchaser.

Now, try the same thing with your permanent life insurance policy. It is virtually impossible. Not only is there no repository of data, but the issuers go out their way to make sure you do not receive the informati...

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Stay tuned as we continue to add new features and tools.

Life insurance policies need to change to meet the needs of new generations of purchasers. The idea that the benefits of a policy are only for the purchasers beneficiaries is outdated and in desperate need of a makeover.

American General has the only solution: Secure Lifetime GUL 3 is life insurance for the living.

This product provides three opportunities for clients to benefit while they are alive:

1. Opt Out. After year 25 clients can elect to terminate the policy and receive a full refund of all premiums paid.

2. Use the death benefit to pay for LTC or chronic illness. Indemnity based benefit. No need to provide receipts. Pay for home care by a family member or use for any other purpose.

3. ...

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