Your Back Office

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Anthony P. Giannone

• Sales Manager
• Ext: 115
• Contact Anthony for:

   o New Producer Inquires
   o Sales Assistance
   o Case Architecture

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Curtis Abbott

• Analyst
• Ext: 119
• Contact Curt for:

   o Advanced Sales Support
   o Customized Presentations
   o Policy Audits

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Jason Black

• Product Specialist
• Ext: 101
• Contact Jason for:

   o Illustrations & Comparisons
   o Carrier & Product Information
   o In-force Illustrations & Data

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Gayle Soper

• Comptroller
• Ext: 107
• Contact Gayle for:

   o Compensation
   o Commission Statements

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Rachael DeFazio

• Senior Underwriter
• Ext: 113
• Contact Rachael for:

   o Pro-Quote Field Underwriting
   o Preliminary Applications
   o Impaired Risk & Jumbo Cases

 alt tagSandy Giannini

• New Business Case Manager & Contracting
• Ext: 106
• Contact Sandy for:

   o Contracting & Appointments
   o New Business Assistance
   o Policy Service Changes

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Kim Richardson

• New Business Case Manager
• Ext: 111
• Contact Kim for:

   o New Business Assistance
   o Field Underwriting


Kelly Pierron

• Administrative Assistant & Annuity Case Manager
• Ext: 100
• Contact Kelly for:

   o Contracting & Appointments
   o Policy Service
   o Annuity Applications

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