Underwriting Services

We are masters of every aspect of the underwriting process. From gathering the necessary medical records to discussing the medical histories with the clients’ physicians, we cover every angle prior to submission to carriers. All client files are initially reviewed in‐house by our exceptionally experienced team of underwriters and case managers. After evaluating the risk, we discuss any potential underwriting concerns with you before we move to the negotiation process with company underwriters. Because of our mastery of both medical and financial underwriting we will always have a positive influence on the final offer. We are remarkably accurate and realistic. We don’t waste time canvassing carriers for unrealistic offers. We focus specifically on the carriers we know can provide both a competitive product and the medical decision we want. Our goal is to be as quick and efficient as possible.

Preliminary Application

All clients are required to sign our preliminary application, even if you are submitting a formal application. This gives us the legal right to obtain the medical information and discuss it with all necessary parties in the event we need to shop the case to other carriers. Please download the most current Preliminary Application.


The application process has become voluminous and time consuming resulting in poorly completed or inaccurate applications. To take the pressure of that process off of your shoulders CPI is pleased to introduce a truly unique solution. Utilize Accu‐App and we will interview your client and properly complete the insurance application(s) for you. Our experienced staff will send you the completed application with signature tags so that you can review it with your client and have it signed. If, for some reason, you need to pivot to another carrier we already have the information and can repeat the process without bothering you or your client. Truly revolutionary!


Field underwriting is an important screening tool when trying to accurately access a client’s insurability. However, not every broker has a complete understanding or is comfortable discussing a client’s personal medical issues. That is why CPI created “Pro-Quote”. We arrange for one of our underwriters to speak directly with your client to obtain the pertinent medical data. Using the information collected during the interview, we will be able to quickly summarize the issues and present you with a tentative assessment of the risk and a list of probable carrier responses. Pro-Quote saves time and allows you to focus on the sales approach that best suits your clients before putting them through the examination and application process. Pro-Quote is the best trial app system in the industry!

Jumbo Underwriting

The process of underwriting jumbo risks is both an art and a science. In‐depth knowledge of carrier retention, reinsurance pools, facultative and automatic reinsurance limits, as well as a host of other issues are required to properly navigate ultra‐high face amount cases. Tricia Pilone, our partner in charge of the underwriting unit, has more than 25 years’ experience in this market. Because Tricia knows the underwriters personally, and understands the process, she has successfully generated huge sales in this market.. Combined with Accu‐App this makes us the most valuable large case unit in the business!

Preparing for an Exam

Do you know what to say to your clients prior to their examination to make sure you get the results you want? Most agents don’t and many of the issues that arise during the exam process can easily be eliminated by knowing and communicating this information to the client ahead of time. Click the link below to download a short summary of the things your client needs to know before they are examined.

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