Design Services

Our design unit gives you the tools you need to succeed in a competitive market!
We provide in-depth product analysis, estate planning, business succession planning, retirement income products and analysis, and much more. Our team is experienced and skilled at producing presentation material that can be customized to your particular sales style.
We prefer to learn as much as possible about your client and his or her needs to make intelligent, informed, successful recommendations. Our team will create individualized presentations, consult on product differentiation strategies, and provide ideas that make you stand out with your clients and their advisors. We also provide product comparison engines on our website so that you can access the basic product information any time you need it.

Policy Reviews

Educated clients are our best customers. Good policy education starts with an audit of the clients’ current coverage compared to other suitable options.

Our brokerage policy audits are a vital tool for all producers seeking quality product analysis for clients, both current and prospective. The data is presented in the same way as the policy comparison section of our fiduciary level audit.
This high-level policy analysis is a win-win for agents and clients, and our presentations almost always result in a new sale. Contact Anthony, Curt or Jason for more information and audit samples.

Custom Presentations

We know that every potential customer has their own way of digesting policy information. Some are highly analytical and feel more comfortable with reams of data, some learn better from graphics like charts and pictures. Some need both. We understand.

Our design team encourages you to customize your presentations to fit your clients’ style. From one sheet summaries to the most complex planning, our design team does it all.
Our custom designs make selling easy while at the same time providing a key suitability tool. Please share as much client information as possible when requesting custom selling tools so that we can tailor our recommendations to your client’s specific needs.

Advanced Market Support

Our design team, in coordination with the firm’s partners, is your personal advanced market support team. We are up to speed on all aspects of product design, estate and succession planning, trusts, financing, settlements and much, much more.
We are your competitive edge. We have deep resources within the legal and accounting professions as well as connections to the top people at every carrier we represent.
More importantly, our partners have many decades of experience in the high net worth life insurance market, dealing directly with clients. This valuable experience, blending superior product knowledge with proven buyer oriented sales psychology makes us your most important resource for selling success.

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