Client Solutions


Through our association with Insurance Designers of America we support the sale of every type of life insurance. From term to VUL, and everything in between, we provide the most informed, suitable product recommendations based on our intimate knowledge of product construction and applicability.
We do not treat life insurance as a commodity, where price is the only decision point. Wherever possible, we want you and your clients to understand the important differentiators between carriers and products and how they might affect the policy owner in the future.
It isn’t unusual for us to know important and valuable details about products that you will never find out about elsewhere.
Ask us the tough questions, we have the answers.


Through our affiliations with Insurance Designers of America we offer virtually every fixed, multi-year guarantee, fixed indexed, and immediate annuity. We can provide quick access to industry standard comparison data and detailed policy specifics.


Individual LTC provided through National Guardian Life, and Mutual of Omaha. Particularly competitive with younger healthier clients.
In addition to standalone LTC we also have many linked benefit policies with great LTC benefits, some with premium guarantees. These are becoming the most asked for products and we have great proprietary sales support.


We represent the top DI providers through our partnership with Insurance Designers of America. More than simply running illustrations, we help you meet the needs of your clients by understanding where available forms of coverage fit. In addition to individual needs for Disability Income, businesses utilize Overhead Expense, Key Person DI and Disability Buyout coverage. Often, these three forms of coverage are combined to keep a business running, provide income to the disabled individual and ultimately transition the ownership of the business. In such cases financial underwriting and coordination with attorney written agreements is imperative.


The life settlement market is once again robust and active. We have participated in the market from the beginning and have an in-depth knowledge of what works, what doesn’t and why. We have access to all funding sources for the most competitive auction. Our results over several decades have been excellent.

Think about older clients (75 and up) with term insurance policies that are expiring. In many instances, these are excellent opportunities to create value where none otherwise exists.

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