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Custom Design Services

Our design unit will set you apart from your competition. We provide in-depth product analysis, estate planning, business succession planning and much more. Our team is experienced and skilled at producing presentation material that can be customized to your particular sales style.
We prefer to learn as much as possible about your client and his or her needs in order to make intelligent, informed, successful recommendations. Our team will create individualized presentations, consult on structures, and provide ideas that make you invaluable to your clients and their advisors.

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We’d prefer that you speak with Curt, Anthony, and Jason for all quotes. We like to offer personalized service in this age of over‐used technology. However, if you’d prefer to submit a request via email feel free to do so. Click here to send a proposal request.
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Policy Audits

Policy audits are a vital tool for all producers seeking to provide quality service to clients, both current and prospective. Curt Abbott has designed one of the most comprehensive, fair and accurate policy audit presentation systems we’ve ever seen. The audit is a win-win situation for agents and clients, and our Policy Audit presentations almost always result in a new sale. Contact Curt, Anthony, and Jason for more information or an audit sample.

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Guaranteed Asset Maximization

This is one of the best strategies you’ll find for older clients who want to lock‐in the value of their estate without subjecting themselves to the vagaries of the stock market, while at the same time removing assets from their taxable estate. This presentation template is effective and comprehensive and has resulted in consistent sales over the years. Contact Curt Abbott for more details.

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Life Options

We designed this innovative approach to life insurance funding for younger clients (ages 35-50), who have a greater need for death benefit while they support and raise their children, but may not have the same need later in life. At the option age (typically 20 years from inception) CPI Life Options allows your client to choose from one of three guaranteed options:
Retain the full initial face amount. Take a ‘paid up’ policy for ½ of the initial face amount.
Retain and pay for ½ the initial face amount and receive a full refund of premiums paid for the other ½.

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Private Financing

This is a design for ultra‐high net worth clients whose premiums greatly exceed the gift tax exclusion limits. It is an excellent presentation hailed by advisors for its attention to detail and creativity in successfully solving large tax concerns for affluent clientele. Please discuss this with Curt Abbott for more details.

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