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Joint Case Work

By far, our most successful insurance sales have come from the collaboration between CPI partners and our brokers.
How do you measure success? We think the only fair gauge is net revenue. Our Peer Partnership Program will double or triple your net revenue.
How do we know? We have been partnering with agents in the high net worth markets for two decades. In that time we’ve closed cases that seemed out of reach for most, but are routine for us.
One of our first peer partnership cases resulted in $4.5 million of target commissionable premium. Our average split case results in commissionable premiums of $175,000, and every year we close 90% of the insurable prospects we meet.
Why do you need us? You don’t. You want us. We bring experience, accountability, and proven results to the table. Once you introduce us to your prospect you can relax. We’ll handle all aspects of the transaction and pay one half of the total General Agent commission to you.
Partnering with us leaves you time to do the things you really want to do: Golf, socialize and find more prospects. Leave the rest to us. Your family and your bank account will thank you!